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Branding and Design Services

Rocket Wraps & Signs builds beautiful brands for consumers who value authenticity, design, and experience. Your brand is not only your name, nor is it your logo, icon, or a fancy wrap on the side of your truck. It is everything your market knows, or believe they know, about your company and the products you sell or offer.

It is our job to create or recreate that perception in a way that ultimately causes more people to buy more of what you have to offer. That kind of deliverable comes in many shapes and sizes, but understanding your current brand perceptions is the first step to developing a strategy that can produce tangible results for your business.

Most brands are trying to compete by creating happy, returning customers. The reality is, most brands barely know themselves let alone their customers. Rocket Wraps & Signs mission is to help businesses to find and then characterize their space in the market. From there we work to capture and engage customers through elegant brand cohesion, relevant marketing touch points, and experience; all while working towards the ultimate goal of creating brand loyalty.

What makes a great brand?

We begin our branding process by learning about your company, your purpose, your vision, and your values.

Logos, taglines, imagery, tone, colors all contribute to form the -big picture- of your company’s brand. A great brand will align with the purpose of its organization and naturally attract people who share their belief and attitudes.


Branding prices are determined after the first interview. However, we have set prices for logos and wide format designs:

-Logos: Starting at $150

-Wide Format Designs: Starting at $350